About me ...

Hello, I'm Mercedes and I'm a glass designer making striking colourful hand-made decorative glassware for you and your home. 
Passionate about colour, I enjoy creating bright and bold patterned pieces often with unusual contrasting colour combinations. I'm influenced by colour theory and take inspiration from patterns in the natural world as well as from art, fashion and architecture. 
Glass is a fascinating material to work with - it can be tricky to handle but the finished results - when light streams through, make me happy and smile - I hope it will do the same for you. 
I enjoy the process of making and delight in creating special pieces that will be enjoyed and cherished for many years. Each piece is unique - ususally I have an initial idea, sketch out designs and choose the colours, cut the glass by hand and assemble the pieces. The process can take a long time to get right, even for simple pieces. The more intricate the design the longer it takes. The piece is then fired, at least once, in a kiln to a temperature of over 700 degrees celsius and a firing schedule takes around 18 hours to complete. During firing, the glass melts and its colour intensifies - the process is quite magical - you never know quite how it will come out. Each piece is lovingly made - I want to create something special. 
If you are interested in commissioning a piece of glasswork, perhaps for a special occasion or someone special, please let me know and I will be happy to discuss what's possible and see if I can create something just for you. Please email me at mercoakley@gmail.com