About me ...

Hello, I'm Mercedes and I'm a glass artist, designing and making striking colourful hand-made decorative glassware for you and your home.


Creative with colour and passionate about pattern, I enjoy creating bright and bold patterned pieces often with unusual contrasting colour combinations. I take inspiration from the world around me: in nature as well as from art, cinema, fashion and architecture.


I inherited my love of colour from my parents and through my upbringing and childhood. Mama was Spanish and my Dad is Malaysian (Malay). I grew up in the 70s in a wonderfully bright and colourful home. Mama often made my clothes, exquisitely sewn as she’d been a seamstress, and when I’m happy you’ll always find me in a bright outfit. 


Glass is an alluring material and has always captivated me – my family say that when I was a toddler I cast aside my dolls and teddy at bedtime and insisted on going to sleep with a glass bottle of Milk of Magnesia because I adored its iconic cobalt blue colour!


My style is precise and neat with a restrained sensibility, perhaps shaped by my former work in legal publishing and management roles. Then I did a foundation course at Camberwell College of Arts, and after finishing in 2010 started adult education courses in glass, first in stained glass and then moving to fused (kilnformed) glass. Since then, I have regularly attended courses and masterclasses to develop my knowledge and learn new techniques to apply in my work.  


Since 2007, I’ve spent time in Suffolk and the colours and the beauty of the landscape inspire me and influence my work – the sea at Aldeburgh, the beautiful countryside around Snape, and the woods and commons around Blaxhall, where I live – as well as the sense of history and tradition.

My fascination with glass continues: it can be a tricky material to work with but the finished result – when light streams through it – is beautiful and makes me happy and smile and I hope it will do the same for you.


I delight in the process of making and pursuing new ideas. Often I draw designs, choose the colours and create a paper prototype to play around with. When I'm satisfied, I cut all the glass by hand and assemble the piece.  The process can take a long time to get right, even for simple designs. Then each piece is fired, at least once, in my small kiln in South London to a temperature of over 700 degrees celsius and a firing schedule takes around 24 hours. Some pieces take several firings to complete. During firing, the glass fuses (softens) and its colour intensifies - the process is quite magical – you never know quite how it will come out.


I enjoy undertaking commissions, creating something unique and special for a particular person or occasion and working to a brief.  It's a challenging process, a bit daunting but fun: I like to interpret a client's ideas, create eye-catching designs and collaborate with them to make it a reality.


For more detail about How to Commission me - click here.


If you're interested in commissioning a piece, please let me know and I will be very happy to discuss your ideas. Please email me at mercoakley@gmail.com